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Print Allapattah in Landscape mode
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Print Marrge in portrait mode
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Print the Calusa Mask in Portrait mode
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get their names?

Allapattah the Baby Gator
That's one of the Seminole Indian words for baby alligator.

Freckles the Hermit Crab
That one is easy - just look at those cute spots! Hermit crabs don't have shells of their own so they find all kinds of empty shells to live in as they grow.

Marigold the Loggerhead Turtle
"Mar" is a Latin word for the sea, and there is gold coloring in her beautiful shell. All giant loggerhead turtles who come ashore are females so we gave her a beautiful girl name, Marigold, like the flower!

Marrge the Pie-Rat
She is a pirate (get it? Pie Rat). Arrg. And she does love pie. Did you know that some pirates in the Caribbean and Florida were women?

How colorful can you make the Calusa mask?

Who is your favorite
of the Mostly Kids' Tribe?
Or do you like the mask best?