Welcome to the land where trees have knees and giant pink birds are born with spoons at the end of their beaks. Why? To scoop up their shrimp soup, of course! Want to know where to find the most awesome beaches, the coolest museums, and the most outrageously exciting adventures?  Even grownups will love this book, which is packed with tidbits of regional history, trivia, nature, and some of the strange creatures that live here. There‚Äôs information about parades, quirky festivals, boating and fishing, picnic spots, parks and other family-friendly places, as well as the kinds of important stuff that kids really want to know. For example: Why are the Seminole Indians called the Unconquered People? Where did the pirates bury their treasure? What in the world is a swamp buggy? And is there really such a creature as a skunk ape? These secrets, and more, are revealed inside!  

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